Purchase, Transportation and Sale Activities

Wholesale activities in metallurgical materials as rolled wires and bar steel are based on purchase from producers in Germany, Hungary, Poland, but mostly in Czech Republic - namely from MORAVIE STEEL, a.s. Trinec. The company MAJOMAX s.r.o. makes a purchase of annnealed, drawn, hulled, ground and phosphated products from the above-mentioned supplier as well.

To meet the orders of the consumers, MAJOMAX s.r.o. provides with enriching of rolled materials in Hungary and Germany.

In adequate volumes of supplied wires and bar materials the company also makes a purchase from abroad - it is a  steel tape for manufacture of retaining rings which are supplied to bearing industry.

We provide steel processors with stream material in hardness and diameter according to the customers` requests.

Rolled Wire

Steel (Round Cut) - Cold-Drawn

Bar Steel (Round Cut) - Ground

After next enriching of rolled wire as lighting, dragging, grinding and phosphating, the product is given for  manufacture of blocks for rolling and operating bearings.